Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Sentament: Testimony

"I wish to bear my own testimony in the strongest and most direct manner possible. I know that God lives. I bear witness to the reality and divinity of His Son Jesus Christ, who leads this Church, and who reveals the word of eternal nature of assurance the Father to our generation. I bear my testimony to the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, thethe priesthood, the calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and thethat God has again spoken through a living prophet." ~ Robert D. Hales

There's some terrific "T" bloggers taking time for the A to Z Challenge.


RJR said...

Thanks for sharing. Your mention of seminary doughnuts yesterday inspired me for a post tomorrow ;)


Elizabeth Mueller said...

It warms my heart to see LDS friends shine their light. *hugs*


Raejean said...

I'm looking forward to your seminary donuts inspired post!

Thanks for the comments.


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