Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Home Evening: Palm Sunday

Today's lesson will be about Palm Sunday.  I can't believe this is our third year of centering our Easter celebrations on the Savior's life, especially his last week on the earth.  When my sister-in-law gave us the "25 Days of Christmas" book, it was so easy making that part of our Christmas celebration.  While I've found a book and a few article about doing the same for our Easter celebration, none of them has been the perfect fit.  So I'm still tinkering and improving our celebration.

Like last year, we will read Luke 19:29-44.  We will review "Palms for the Lord" and the symbolism of palm branches.  And we will start our annual "Love One Another" poster.  Not surprisingly, "Love One Another" will be one of our songs too.

New for this year is our story.  We will read "The Ultimate Outcast" from Max Lucado's book Just Like Jesus.

Our activity was paper folding caterpillars.

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