Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Home Evening: Attitude

I started out our lesson with a paper.  I tore a piece off as I listed a problem people can have. I repeated this until the paper was a pile of scraps.  I talked about how we can focus on how our lives are a pile of problem, or we can see confetti - and I threw the scraps in the air. 

I used part of President Uchtdorf's talk called "On the Wings of Eagles".  In this talk, he told a little history on Wilbur and Orville Wright.  (I know it's surprising to hear President Uchtdorf talk about a couple of pilots!)  We skipped to the middle of his talk where he talked about "your attitude will determine your lift and altitude".  Then he gave us a few items that will lift us to a Christlike attitude if we implement them daily.
  1. Sincere prayer.  I like that he used the word sincere.  No going through the motions here!
  2. Obedience.  Do you want your prayers answered?  Then obedience is the way to go! "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight." 1 John 3:22
  3. Opposition and agency.  We can't be lifted if the isn't a downward force.  We need to have good and bad options to make a choice.  Without our agency, we can't choose to be like Christ.  It is during the times of hard choices and their consequences that we can learn, grow, and become more like Christ.
  4. Feasting on the word.  With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, it's easy to get into the feasting mode.  What's the difference between a normal Tuesday night dinner and Thanksgiving?  Tuesday nights can be crazy around here.  Dinner is usually prepared quickly and eaten even quicker.  I start making our Thanksgiving feast at least the day before and the preparations go on until it's time to eat.  The meal is relaxed, as we eat and savor.  I would even say our feast is a celebration where memories are made and family bonds are strengthened.  What if that described our daily scripture study?
We followed the feast idea for our activity as we decorated Halloween sugar cookies.  Not surprisingly, we ate said sugar cookies for our treat!

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