Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trick or Treating

When I was a kid, we only went to homes of people we knew.  I’ve always kept the same practice for my family.  One Halloween, there were a couple of gentlemen I didn’t know, visiting in one of the driveways.   The man, who apparently lived at the house, seemed offended that we didn’t go knock on his door.  I tried to explain my reasoning, but it didn’t seem to make sense to him.  So I introduced myself to him and asked his name.  Since I “knew” him, we went Trick or Treating at his house.

I have changed my attitude about Trick or Treating.  I look at it as an opportunity to get to know my neighbors better and build stronger relationships with them.  We check our candy very carefully and through away anything questionable.  While my kiddos enjoy the extra candy, they also understand the deeper meaning.  Not only does it help us connect with our community, it also teaches my children to reach out and be friendly people. 

When we were at California Adventure, the kids wanted to go on Grizzly River Run multiple times.  Since I was wet enough, the kiddos went together.  I was so pleased to hear that they started up a conversation with their fellow raft mates and made the ride even more enjoyable.  Isn't that what life is about, making the ride more enjoyable?

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