Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Home Evening: The Word of Wisdom and Apostle Trivia

One of my kiddos gave a lesson on the Word of Wisdom from the Faith in God book.  Still working on an activity to use to teach more about the Word of Wisdom.  

I focused my activity on the First Presidency and the Apostles.  First, I had everyone write down as many of their names as they could remember.  We could picture their faces, but some of us struggled with their names.  Even with my preparations, I blanked on a couple of names.  The worst part is that we can all rattle of our favorite book or movie characters.

The second part of my activities was some trivia on those same men.  Here's a few of my favorites.
  •  He raises pigeons. (Thomas S. Monson)
  • As a teenager, he wanted to build and race hot rods for a living. (Jeffrey R. Holland)
  • His home never had trees in the backyard so he could play baseball and football. (David A. Bednar)
  • He played the clarinet and saxophone in a Jazz Band. (Richard G. Scott)
  • He speaks four languages.  (Neil L. Andersen)
  • One of his hobbies is dancing. (Deiter F. Uchtdorf)
  • Developed nuclear power plants for submarines and aircraft carriers. (Richard G. Scott)
We ended our evening with a cool treat - ice cream.  We have to beat the Arizona heat somehow!

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