Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cooperation Pack Meeting with a Sports Theme

I now have two Pack Meetings under my belt.  This month I was having trouble squeezing in the time to prepare until a few days before and several things fell apart at the last minute, but it still turned out well. 

Even though we had a sports theme, the real focus of our evening was awards.  We had boys earning their Wolf, Bear and Arrow of Light.  To pull the sports theme into our meeting, we had a few sports related decorations, and four sports cheers. I couldn't believe I had such a hard time finding sports related cheers!

We started off with a human knot activity for our gathering. 

After I flag ceremony, I introduced our theme.  I had a cute poem comparing cub scouts to baseball -- that I left at home.  I stumbled a bit, but I remember the basics. Mostly it compared to Bobcat to the batter's circle, Wolf to first base, Bears to second base, Webelos to third base and the arrow of light to a home run.

Then we talked about sports uniforms, how they showed who was on the same team and unified them to their purpose.  I told them a story of a friend from Wood Badge.  She called with a question about Scouts, the person she spoke to didn't know the answer so he put her on hold while he got the expert.  My friend spent the next hour on the phone with the expert President Monson.  One of the things he told her was that every boy, eight and older, should have two uniforms in his closet: a church uniform (a full suit) and a complete Scout uniform.  If I had a question of the importance of having an wearing a full Scout uniform, I don't anymore!

The rest of our evening was spent with awards.  We had several belt loops and other awards, but I was most excited about the three big awards that night.  One boy earned his Wolf.  I had him put in plastic "wolf" teeth, bite into his award  and give it to his parents.  I encouraged him to keep his teeth in Scouting and never let go of that enthusiasm. 

The next big award was a Bear award.  For that award, I had the boys parents paint a black paw print on his face.  Each toe represented an area where he gained increased strength, like family and citizenship.

The grand finale was the Arrow of Light ceremony. My favorite part was the arrow I made as part of his award.  I wrapped it with sections of embroidery thread for each award he earned: his Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Arrow points, Webelos, Religious Knot and Arrow of light. I loved that it is personalized for him!


Our Little Family said...
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Our Little Family said...

How did you manage to blog while I was sitting in the same room? Apparently, I am not very observant!! Love the Arrow for the Arrow of Light. You may have to make one for T!!!

Raejean said...

The arrow was my favorite part of the pack meeting! I wish I had a better picture of it.


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