Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Sentament: Autumn

Ginger and Cinnamon fill the air
A patchwork of leaves lay everywhere
Cold, clean mornings and an indigo dawn
Crystal frost on the emerald lawn
Golden apple cider and delicious pumpkin pie
Those are the things I love at Autumn time.
- Sabrina Bytheway


Bugg's mama said...

Great quote - it makes me feel cozy!

Mom told us about your accident! Oh, my GOSH! CRAZY! So glad that you are safe & sound. I guess you can call it an adventure now that it's over and all is well. Except for your truck, I guess.

Happy Halloween!
Love, bree

Raejean said...

Thanks for your concern. I'd be happy to avoid that kind of adventure in the future!


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