Thursday, December 23, 2010

Final Advent Drawers, Christmas Picture Search and Forgotten Carols

This should have been three posts, but who has time for that on Christmas Eve eve?  Let's start off with the last three advent drawers. (I know we still have one left to open,but the 24th is always the same.)

22 - Christmas Journal activity.  I found these cute journal pages at Grace is Overrated.  We all filled in the blanks and colored the cute stocking.
23 - Gift exchange with our awesome neighbor!
24 - Christmas pageant

I promised more information on our Christmas Picture Search.  It's posted over at Arizona Mama!

Finally, we were able to see the Forgotten Carols live last night, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa.  We've been watching the DVD on Christmas Eve for the last few years and love the story.  The energy and the after the play performance were amazing. I wasn't sure how my kiddos would like watching it in a theater; they were riveted!  The only thing they liked more about watching it at home was being able to talk during the performance.  My favorite part was the entire auditorium singing Silent Night a Capella!

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