Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take Flight: Kites

This week in Cub Scouts, we focused on kites.  First we made really fun and easy papercopters. To make these, take a strip of heavy paper or thin cardboard that measures 1" x 10" and fold it in half.  Fold a wing down on either side.  It works best if they are bent at an angle.  Slide a paper clip at the bottom for weight and you are ready to take flight!  Hold them up as high as you can and let it drop.  Balconies work well too.

After discussing kite safety, we made kites from paper bags.  These were more involved, but still a great project.   It would be a little more manageable if there was a 1 adult to one or two boys.  We were a little frazzled and rushed at the end, but they are pretty cool kites.  The instructions are right out of the Wolf manual.

We didn't have time to test them out, maybe we can try that next week 

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