Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Greatest Treasure Ever!

I had been having the same conversation with one of my children on a daily basis (sometimes more) about making good choices.  I'd explained that good choices lead to true happiness, not just a moment of pleasure.  The child was remorseful and behavior modified temporarily.  I just didn't seem to be getting through for more than a few hours.  The idea popped in my head and out of my mouth so quickly, I didn't even think about what I was saying.  I asked my kiddo what was the greatest treasure imaginable.  It was pretty weak at first, so I suggested living at Disneyland and some other outlandish things.  Then I explained that Heavenly Father had a treasure in store for each of us that was greater than anything we could even imagine.  A connection was made for me and my child, one that we still reflect on even a year later. 

It taught us both that greater things are in store and that there is a price to be paid to obtain that treasure.  Both of us need to work on patience.  In fact we all have our own weaknesses to overcome and talents to develop - and it is challenging.  That's the purpose, that's how we grow!

So what's the greatest treasure you can imagine?  What are you willing to sacrifice for that treasure?  Are you ready to receive what the Lord wants to give you?

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