Friday, March 26, 2010

Take Flight: Pack Meeting

The theme of this month's pack meeting was Take Flight.  (Shocking I know!)  The kids made candy airplanes out of a stick of gum, a roll of smarties and lifesavers. 

The Cubmaster announced that it was time to board BSA Airlines Flight (insert you pack number here).  We went to another room where the chairs were set up like the inside of an airplane, we were asked to fasten our seat belts and be prepared for fun.  It was so cute.  We had awards and my boys did a great job on their skit.  After we "landed", the flight attendants gave us little packs of peanuts. 

We went back the first room where the kids made paper airplanes and had a competition to see who could rack up the most points.  They stood on a line and threw their planes, there were lines on the ground marked with point values.  If their planes crossed the first line it was 25 points, then 50 and finally 100.  There was a hula hoop suspended and if the planes made it through the hoop, the boys got extra points.  The dad's liked trying that part too!

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