Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Home Evening: Joseph Smith's First Vision

We have a weekly Family Home Evening night where we share a gospel lesson, an activity, a couple of songs and the ever popular treat.  We have a chart that we rotate the family members from one thing to the next every week, so every has a turn at the different parts.  It's interesting to see how differently we all do the lesson or activity, or even the songs that are chosen.

Last week's lesson was about Joseph Smith's first vision.  First there was a simple puzzle. The pieces were face down and we went around the circle for everyone to turn over one piece and try to put it in place until the picture was complete.  It was a picture of Joseph Smith and that was our introduction to the lesson.  This week was a little different, we had visual aids.  Years ago, I participated in a Family Home Evening swap and this was one of the lessons I received.  Our activity was a crossword puzzle about Joseph Smith.  I found a similar one here.

We finished off the evening with peanut butter bars.

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