Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Embarrassing Moments

TravelingOma had a fun writing prompt - and her own story - about embarrassing moments that caused me to reflect.  Whenever anyone asks what my most embarrassing moment is, I always think of these two incidents.

One of my most embarrassing moments happened at Nordstrom,when I was 17. I was dressed up and trying to look older (a crazy thought nowadays). I attempted to walk down the steps, and somehow fell flat like a plank. Fortunately I put my hands out before my face hit the ground and put my knees down to break the fall. Because of that youth factor, I popped back up and kept walking. The amazing part was my knees were skinned, but my tights were unscathed!

That must have been my year for humiliation.  A few months later I left the dressing room of a local department store with my dress tucked into the top of my nylons.  Something didn't feel right, but when I looked in the mirror I look fine.  It wasn't until I was checking out (on the opposite side of the store) when a lady informed me my slip was showing.  (Talk about an understatement!)  I was horrified when I reached back and felt the back half of my dress wasn't where it was supposed to be!


Travelin'Oma said...

Embarrassing stories are the best! Yours reminded me of a time long ago when I was pregnant and walking home from work. I was wearing a mini-skirt (what???) and nylons with a garter belt (it was before pantyhose were invented.) My garter belt slipped below my belly and everything started falling down—below my dress. I couldn't figure out how to pull it all up so finally stopped (on a busy sidewalk) and pulled them off!

Raejean said...

Remind me again, why do we wear these silly contraptions?


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