Friday, March 19, 2010

Take Flight: Astronauts

This week in Cub Scouts, we focused on astronauts.  We started off standing in a circle trying to keep the satellite (a beach balloon) up in the air.  It was harder than I thought!  It was also a great time to talk a little about teamwork.

After a few business items, we went back outside for some astronaut training.  This was a relay race where the boys had to run 15 feet, jump rope 10 times, bounce the ball 10 times, catch a bean bag 10 times, and then run back to their team to high five the next boy.  Most of the boys had a hard time with the jump rope - and some of them were exhausted at the end of the relay.  Maybe we need to do more physical activities while the weather is nice?

We finished off our den meeting with astronaut pudding.  Be warned: this is very messy!  Not the making, but the eating.  To make the astronaut pudding, put a Tablespoon of instant pudding mix in a Ziploc sandwich bag, add a scant 1/4 cup of milk.  Zip the bag and let the boys squish it around for several minutes.  When thickens, cut a hole in the corner and let them suck out the pudding like an astronaut - no utensils.  This is where it gets messy.  Definitely do this outside, preferably on the grass.  One boy ended up with pudding all down him, the rest of the boys were just a little messy.  But most importantly, we had fun!

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