Monday, March 1, 2010

Challenges with the Economy

The fallout from the economic crisis seems to be never ending.  It not only effects how we spend our money, but also how we spend our time.  It tests our integrity and our humanity.  I've seen families, dealing with job losses, working their tails off to make their mortgage payment each month; and I've seen families walk away from the commitment they made when they bought their home for no other reason than their house isn't worth what they owe, as if their commitment is null because the housing market fell.

I've gained a whole new level of gratitude for our family's employment.  I know we are blessed to have the financial hit we have taken is relatively small.  I also know that many who have been hit hard have done everything in their power to provide for their families and walk uprightly.  And while those who don't, add to society's burden; that is minor compared to the damage they are doing to themselves by giving up their integrity.  A decade of the selfishness and greed of the "me" generation is coming home to roost.

Not that I was around for the Great Depression, but the stories I've heard made it seem like families and communities came together, pooled their resources and pushed through the trail.  I don't see that happening now.  Many families are enveloped in their own challenges and don't, or can't, reach beyond themselves.  I've felt that at times.  I've noticed someone else struggling but I don't have anything to offer. 

This is the time to pull together, to be united.  But how do we do that?   I'm trying to eliminate the unnecessary things in life that use up our money, time and energy.  I'm trying to live more simply (which is hard in this fast paced society).  I'm trying to feed my soul, so I have the inner strength to help others.

What are you doing to get through these challenging times?


Bugg's mama said...

Oh, hear, hear! I was just talking about this last night. Sure, things are pretty bogus right now in the world. But there are so many good things coming out of it, too. Like focusing on what is really important. Spending less. Using what we have instead of buying more. Keeping things simple. amen!

Raejean said...

Keeping things simple also means more time on the computer :)


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