Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids Birthday Party Contest

Jen at Creative Hostess has a Most Adorable Kids Birthday Party Contest of 2009 going on. We had a really fun, hands-on party last spring. It was a Cupcake Challenge based loosely on the Food Network Challenge. The kiddos were divided into teams of two. They had 15 minutes to plan their cupcake design, then they were issued 3 cupcakes and they could choose the color of frosting and the toppings needed to complete their design.
A friend brought cake decorating magazines for inspiration. She also brought some fondant and tools and taught the contestants how to use it to make flowers with it. Part of their presentation was decorating the place mat to display their creations. A few of our neighbors volunteered to be our "celebrity judges". The contestants were judged on skill, overall appearance, artistic presentation, use of color, difficulty, originality and neatness. After judging and pictures, the contestants were invited to eat their masterpieces.


Emily said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love reading your blog you always have such cool ideas. You update so often though that I can't keep up. :) I just read all your back posts that I missed and I laughed so hard at the Disneyland post. I totally feel the same way. I can picture who said "Lets dump the family trip" classic

Raejean said...

Thanks! I'm glad you read it when you can.


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