Friday, January 15, 2010

I Found My Desk!

The last couple of months (OK maybe longer), my desk went from a few fairly organized piles to a huge heap. Trying to finish my class, working on Christmas projects, scrapbooking and all the other things that needed to be done or put a way all ended up on my desk.

Last night while my hubby worked on a project with the kids, I spent an hour and a half cleaning my desk. I took care of several quick to-do items, threw stuff away, and put a ton of things where they go - not on my desk!

I thought about taking a picture for you to see how nice it is, but without the before picture - it probably still looks messy. There are still some things to put away, a pile of things to do, a few piles of projects I'm working in progress. But they are neat, orderly, and manageable piles. Now if I could do the same to the rest of the room-- and the house :)

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