Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two More Classes - Still!

I've been trying to finish up my 2-year degree for about 3 years now. It seems like I've been two classes away (or more) for the whole time. First, I estimated from the last time I met with a college counselor and I needed two classes. One class later, I met with a counselor again. Because of changing states and colleges, I still needed 2 science classes and a math class. One science class and one math class later, I finally have all my transcripts in one place and get an official audit. Guess what, I still have two classes to finish, a science class and a class to fulfill the "cultural diversity" requirement. Cultural diversity? I think they are just making things up now. But those two classes will also meet the credit requirements to get a degree from the college I'm attending.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that at this time next year, I'll actually have an AA degree!

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