Monday, January 25, 2010

Planing Dinner

I don't know how everyone else chooses what they are cooking for dinner each night. The choosing isn't one of my favorite things because no matter what, someone's complaining about what's chosen. Every week, I have everyone choose a dinner. That way I figure, there will usually be at least one person not complaining about what I made.

This week feels a little more challenging since I'm not sure who will be here on what nights or even how many people I'll be cooking for. I'm planning on having French toast tonight because there should be the least amount of people here, and I'm not super comfortable serving guests French toast for dinner!


Vickie said...

I love breakfast for dinner! Ben isn't a fan, though, because he likes to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Guess he doesn't like leftover pancakes.
I like having the kids/Ben choose what we eat here, too. Choosing is my least favorite part of making dinner!

Emily said...

serving French toast for dinner sounds great. I don't feel like I'm a very good cook so I get nervous for entertaining people. I usually order pizza. :)

Raejean said...

I try to limit breakfast for dinner to once a week. We have it so often, I'm getting a little tired of it. And I'm usually hungry again before it's time for bed.


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