Thursday, June 2, 2011

Simple Pleasure

Chocolate on my Cranium asked what brings me simple pleasure.  Right now it's my new blog design!  I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I can't stop looking at it.  I really need to stop looking at it because I have a thousand other things I should be doing.  It's just so clean and pretty and unique because my daughter made it just for me!

OK, I better get back to those thousand things I'm supposed to be doing.


Carrie said...

Your blog looks great!!! I will stare at it for ya while you get to those thousand other things you need to do. I need an excuse to not do the things on my To Do list... :)

I tried to figure out how to do the tab thing-a-ma-jigs you have on top but it is beyond my computer knowledge. Plus I don't think I have that much useful info. to share...I am more of a rambler than a true blogger. :)

Bugg's mama said...

It looks beautiful!

Raejean said...

My daughter figured out the tabs. I think it's somewhere in the template designer, under advanced settings.

Thanks for staring at my blog for me, I finally made some progress on my to do list.


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