Thursday, June 23, 2011

Differences Between Boys and Girls

OK, we'll skip the most obvious difference between boys and girls and go straight to this week's focus - the flu.  A couple of my girls were the first to get sick.  They were miserable.  They laid on the couch and occasionally ask for something they needed.  If I asked, they would let me know they weren't having any fun and would appreciate if I'd pull out the genie lamp and magically cure them.  When they started feeling better, they even helped take care of me when I was sick.

Yesterday, my son was down with the plague.  He laid on the couch and moaned and groaned and complained.  He spent so much energy focusing on how awful he felt, he wouldn't let himself go to sleep - which is definitely what he needed.  I did what any bad mom would do; I let him watch 20 something episodes of Phineas and Ferb.  Then he wouldn't go to sleep because he was wrapped up in the show.  Which was better on my nerves than his whining.  I knew men have a bad reputation for how they handle illness, I just didn't realize it started so young!

I also realized I prefer Phineas and Ferb over Deadliest Catch; at least they don't have to beep out the cartoon.


RJR said...

I hate to disagree with your diagnosis but.. Its a know fact that one a virus is gender specific. What appears as a cold in females will mutate to full blown flu in a male.
Hence the appearance that men are softer, in fact they are dealing with far worse illness !! LOL

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Raejean said...

It's good to know that's how the sick men thing works!

monica. said...

Ugh I just had to experience this one for myself... Throwing up everyday for three months and I was told to suck it up, and one night of it and I wouldn't dare say anything like that with his complaining! Ps... how did you guys pass it on to him??


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