Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Home Evening: Service

Apparently I really needed to hear a lesson on service. Our Relief Society lesson was about kindness; which evolved into a lesson on service.  Then one of the kiddos did a lesson on service using the first experience for Good Works in the Personal Progress book.  I love the challenge of recognizing and acknowledging service others give to you for two weeks.  We talked about the times we give service without even realizing it and how much those seemingly little things can mean so much to those being served.  There are other times when we need to be aware of specific ways to serve; instead of asking "What can I do to help?", just offer "I'm bringing dinner tonight".  

We played I Never for our activity.  Everyone started with 10 M&M's.  The first person stated something they had never done, everyone who had done that thing has to eat an M&M.  The goal is to be the last one with M&M's.  Loosing never tasted so sweet!

Speaking of sweet, we had double chocolate cookies for our treat.  Those of us who bore our testimony at church had double treats.

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