Sunday, June 19, 2011

Family Home Evening: Tithing

Our Relief Society lesson was about tithing, and the instructor sent us all home with Family Home Evening packets.  Since it was my turn to teach the lesson at home (and I was feeling overwhelmed), that's what I shared.  I read a couple of stories she included in the packet; Tithing and Pizza, and a picture story called Spencer's Potatoes.

The rest of the lesson came from the Gospel Principles manual.  It lists six main purposes the church uses tithing funds.  Our Relief Society instructor quizzed us, since it was so much fun I quizzed the family too.  They figured out all but one. 
1. Build, maintain, and operate temples, meetinghouses, and other buildings.  
2.  Provide operating funds for stakes, wards, and other units of the Church. (These units use the funds to carry out the ecclesiastical programs of the Church, which include teaching the gospel and conducting social activities.)
3.  Help the missionary program.
4.  Educate young people in Church schools, seminaries, and institutes.
5.  Print and distribute lesson materials.  
6.  Help in family history and temple work.

Did you get them all before you looked at the answers?

Our activity was Harry Potter Uno.  (Didn't we play that last week?)  One of my kiddos tried a new recipe for our treat - Lemon Slice Cookies.  They were very good.  Definitely a keeper!


Party Favour said...

Love your blog....came here via my dads RJR :)
Worth Remembering

RJR said...

We played tiddly winks for our FHE for the first time in a long time last night, yours seems much more organised !!

I am having a blog hop this weekend if you would like to join in

Media Mayhem Blog Hop

Raejean said...

I'm not even sure if we own Tiddly winks.

Thanks for sending your family this way!


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