Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favorites: June 3

Happy June!  Summer's officially started here - school's out and temperatures are in the 100's.  Here's today's edition of Friday Favorites.
  • Sleeping in! At least I can if I so desire.  My body is still waking up around 5am, which is earlier than I had to get up on school days. 
  • Still loving my new blog design.
  • My desk is still clean!  It started growing piles again, but this morning I took a few minutes and found there home.  One pile of materials I'm gathering for a project next week ended up on the floor, but my desk is still useable!  
And here's my favorite posts I found on my Google Reader.
  • Chef Tess's Brown Butter Banana Strawberry Bread.  I'm definitely adding this to the list of recipes to try.
  • I discovered the Silhouette blog.  Now maybe I can finally master my Silhouette.  I love this cool etched glass tutorial!  Who knew the Silhouette could do glass etching too?  I wonder if I can get it to clean my house and organize my life?
  • The Mother Huddle takes homemade popsicles to a whole new level.
  • Your Homebased Mom shares recipes for White Chocolate Mousse and Cream Cheese Mousse that she served at a recent Crepe Bar.  My list of recipes to try is getting very long.  I need to do some serious cooking this summer.

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