Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping Help - a Giveaway!

Who wouldn't like a little help with their Christmas shopping?  I have just the thing for you, a $35 gift certificate to CSN Stores!  I've only heard of CSN recently.  They sell housewares, office supplies and furniture, bedding and other home decor items.  They even sell bathroom cabinets for your home remodel!

I recently won a CSN Stores gift certificate from Fun Snacks 4 Kids and have a great Christmas gift on its way as we speak.  I wish I could tell you what's coming - but Christmas secrets are too much fun!

So if you are interested in an extra $35 to help with your Christmas shopping, here's the details:
  • Leave a comment and share the best Christmas gift you've received.
  • Contest ends Sunday, November 14 at midnight.
  • Contest is open to those living in the U.S. and Canada.
  • The winner will be picked at random and announced Monday.
It's a pretty simple and straight forward contest, so comment away.  Good Luck!
This contest is now closed.  Thanks for playing!


suburban prep said...

I received a pair of earrings that were in the shape of tulips (my favorite flower) with a sapphire as the flower. (I am a September girl). I received these for Christmas and then for Valentine's Day I got engaged to my now husband.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

Bugg's mama said...

Ooooh, tough question. I LOVED the diamond ring that my husband hid in the Christmas tree on our first Christmas being married.

Thanks for the giveaway! Fun!
Love, bree

Anonymous said...

Finding out I was going to have a baby...Waited to take the test on Christmas eve Thats ALL I wanted for Christmas not to much to ask was it? HAHA..My Christmas gift arrived Aug. 30th the next yr. J Johnson

Raimi said...

My favorite childhood gift was a Cabbage Patch babay! It was the year they had just come out and we would watch the news and see all of the Moms fighting over them at the Toy Stores. My parents were trying to let us gently down, saying it was going to be hard for Santa to make all of these dolls becasue everyone wanted one. We woke up Christmas morning and there were 3 Cabbage Patch babies. One for me and each of my sisters. It was so fun and exciting.

Cam said...

My favorite gift is probably a book, but I have too many favorites to choose one. It's books so, you know... how could I pick.

Aria said...

I think it would have to be my stuffed duck named Ducky!

Jade said...

My favorite Christmas present is the raider CS-35 Nerf gun.

Kirsten Roberts said...

There are too many amazing gifts I received to know which one was the best.

meeyeehere said...

Best gift ever for Christmas would have to be tickets to The Phantom of the Opera!!! Which I did not get to see because I had a bad lung infection.My sister said it was wonderful WAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry.

monica. said...

The best christmas present I received was probably my sewing machine last year. It got so much use it needs to go in for repairs!

Anonymous said...

the Best Christmas Gift I have received is going to be the next one! and the fact that my kidneys are going to let me enjoy it with my family. Cathie

Kayleen said...

I have a plethora of favorite gifts, but one of my favorites was a Barbie Doll (which I still have) from my Mom & Dad in 1960. My Mom sewed me about 15 different outfits for a doll I already had, but I didn't know that she had bought a Barbie Doll to go with them! ...and my Dad made me wood furniture (which I also still have) to go with her!!!

Debbie said...

A beautiful necklace and earrings that my oldest kids bought me with their own money when they were 12.

Sarah said...

I'm not a gift person but I did get engaged shortly after Christmas (many years ago :) so that is the best Christmas present I remember!

gert003 at aol dot com

Erin said...

The best Christmas gift I ever received was the year after my son had a stroke. He was still alive, we were home from the hospital with all three of our kids. It might have been a rough year but we were together and that's what made it so wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Best gift ever recieved for christmas would have to be my cedar chest from my parents filled with handmade embroidered special stuff that my mom made just for me.
Heidi Bataluna

Rachel said...

I liked my touch screen camera!


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