Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations

I know if you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, you are probably thinking about the areas of your home you would like to deep clean before the big day.  I have a few things in mind too, but a big part of my Thanksgiving preparations is making room for the food!  November is the month to stock up on turkey, ham and baking supplies.  

Today I decided to get the stockpile of frozen chicken breasts out of my freezer and into the canner. I canned 18 jars of chicken, which worked out to about 16 pounds.  Since it's a long process, I figured this would be a good day to defrost the freezer (so I'd have room for a few turkeys and hams), clean out the pantry and the fridge, pack up the Halloween decorations and do my Biology lab.  I guess you could say my eyes were bigger than my schedule!  Do you ever do that too?

I did can my chicken, defrost the freezer and I finished my Biology lab.  Not to mention the not-so-quick trip to the store and an unexpected trip to the school to drop off a needed item.  I finally drug my aching body to the shower at 3:30pm.  I was rewarded with a "Thanks for canning the chicken Mom" from one of my kiddos!

I guess the Halloween decorations will stay piled on the floor for one more day (at least), along with the messy pantry and dirty fridge.  

What preparations do you want to complete before Thanksgiving?

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NYCLQ said...

I guess I'm not alone on this one: "Deep clean and make food space" lol. Although I had given some of our townhome a Fall spruce-up in September, I too worked on a few more projects just this past week: touch-up painting, refreshed baseboards with a fresh coat, and updating the stairway wall art displays. Also made donations to GW and purged pantry & seasonings of expired goods today before we stocked up on fresh spices for upcoming food fests =)

Thanks for sharing. Nice to meet you from over at Somewhat Simple's TG blog party...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
:D Lynda


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