Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Home Evening: Gratitude

This week's lesson is about Gratitude.  For me this is a lesson that gives itself, we have so much to be grateful for in our lives.  Gratitude is a matter of focusing on the good things that happen.  We did have a very cool visual aid to go with our lesson.  As one of my kiddos talked about what we can be grateful for he poured water into a cup.  Then we listened to part of the story of Job and how he remained faithful to the Lord despite all that he lost.  Water was taken from the cup as we listened to all that Job lost, but his cup was never completely empty.  After he remained grateful through his trail, he was blessed with more than he had originally.  At this point more water was poured until the cup overflowed.  (Thank goodness it was in a bigger bowl to keep it from being messy.)  I like the reminder that the Lord has a desire to bless us with more than we can even imagine - and I can imagine a lot.  He is waiting for us to be open to all the blessings He wants to give until our cups are overflowing.

We had a unique activity.  We gathered on the floor around a bunch of Lego's and spent a minute building something we were grateful for, then passed to around the to let someone else add to it while we added to the person's on the opposite side of us.  My Christmas tree turned into a whole Christmas scene by the end!

Our treat was homemade caramel corn.  It was only the second time making it, I still have some room for improvement.  Everything but the burnt parts tasted good.  (I'll ignore the recipe and not even try to bake it next time!)

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