Thursday, November 18, 2010

Writing Improvements

I've been reviewing old posts and correcting a few things here and there.  In the process I've noticed the improvements in my writing and in my blog overall.  When I started my blog, I wanted it to be a record of my journey to become a better mom, and a better person.  I hoped that others would benefit from my lessons and find their own journey just a little easier.

That's still my basic goal, but in some ways it has broadened and in other ways it has narrowed.  My first posts back in May of last year, were fairly timid - they often lacked personality and humor.  I've been trying to include more of myself in my posts, which led to features like Favorite Feeds Friday.  

Originally I shared my personal goals and my progress.  It was a great source of accountability for me, but pretty boring for everyone else.  Instead I have a list the monthly numbers in a post at the beginning of each month.  Same purpose, but condensed and much more fun and interesting.

Besides the quality of the writing, the look of my blog has improved.  Just by increasing the font size so posts are easier to read and adding pictures more regularly has helped the aesthetics of my blog.  I still have some design changes in the works, hopefully I'll be able to roll them out before the end of the year.

Judging by the increase in traffic, all these things have started to pay off in the last few months.  Another landmark was last week's great give away!  It pleases me to be able to look back and see growth because often growth is so gradual it's hard to notice.  

Most important is you!  Thanks for spending a few minutes of your day sharing your journey with me.

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