Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Week in the Woods Book Club

To celebrate the completion of A Week in the Woods by Andrew Clements, we did a simple orienteering activity. I learned I the little compass we were using wouldn't help much if we really need it to help us get anywhere. It has a 90 degree range of where North is. But we still had fun and my kiddos learned how big a foot is compared to a step.

It would be fun to get a more accurate compass, and set up a scavenger hunt using compass bearings to go from one point to another. We'll add it to the list of activities to try!

All of us in the book club enjoy the book. The one kiddo that doesn't choose to participate doesn't like it. The complaint is about the attitude of a couple of the main characters. One of the things I like about the book is that they make mistakes and how they deal with the mistakes. Besides the "moral" of the story, it has a good pace and holds kiddos attention.

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