Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Traditions

I can't say Valentine's Day has ever been my favorite holiday, maybe it had a rough start because I never seemed to get that special valentine from the cute boy in school. In high school, I never got a candy gram from a boy.

We always do something for Valentine's Day as adults, but in my mind it's pretty much a made up holiday. I prefer our family friendly traditions over the "romantic" ones. On the night before Valentine's every puts something at everyone's spot for them to find in the morning when they wake up. The younger kiddos usually use extra valentines from the ones they gave their class mates. The older kids buy a little something for everyone - usually candy. For the last few years, breakfast has been special muffins with strawberries and a Hershey's kiss inside. I'll probably make heart pancakes for dinner.

All I really need for Valentine's Day to be successful is a little chocolate!

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