Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blue and Gold Invitations

This week in Cub Scouts, the boys made their parents invitations to the Blue and Gold Banquet coming up. It has been so interesting to watch the boy's reactions to the different activities. I know what my children enjoy, but not so much what other people's children enjoy. The first week I was a den leader, I had a word search for the boys. Most were really excited, and the one who wasn't was still very polite about participating in the activity.

I had the same question with making invitations. The boys were excited and enjoyed it. A couple only enjoyed it briefly and then they were ready to move on to the next activity. Only one of the boys got impatient for the activity to be over.

While some of the boys were finishing up invitations, I shared some interesting differences between now and 1910, when Boy Scouts was organized. Did you know the life expectancy in 1910 was only 47? Or that only 14% of households had bathtubs? I told the boys that only 8% of homes had telephones and that it cost $11 to make a three minute phone call from Denver to New York. So when I asked them how much a pound of sugar cost in 1910, they were guessing 2 or 3 dollars. They really liked the idea of 4 cents for a pound of sugar and 14 cents for a dozen eggs. I could tell some of the boys are working on reports of individual states, because when I told them there were only 45 stars on the US flag in 1910, they started shouting out the dates different states came into the union!

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