Monday, February 8, 2010

The Empty Box

I'm sure our home is the only one where children leave books, toys, papers, and whatever else on the floor, or on the couch, or on the counters. I discovered the joy of an empty box (and you thought they were just for kids)!

A few weeks ago there was a small empty box by the wall near the living room entry. Don't ask me why it was there, it just was. That day like many other days, there was several things around that weren't mine, so I tossed them in the box. I let all the kiddos know that anything still in the box by Friday would be discarded or given to goodwill. Amazingly, the box was empty the next morning.

The next day there were still things lying around that weren't mine, but there were fewer of them - and I put them in the box. Without a reminder, the box was emptied that evening. Friday morning came and the box was empty except for a couple of little papers that I tossed into the trash.

The box was tucked away before the shower, but it's time to bring it out again, there's stuff in the living room that's not mine...


Anonymous said...

I am getting a box !!!! JJ

Raejean said...

I might have an extra lying around :)

Emily said...

good idea! We had something like that growing up. It was called the gunny sak. It even had a song about it. Something about eating leftover toys. :)


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