Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday BSA!

On Monday, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) turned 100 years old! Growing up as girl with no brothers, I didn't have anything to do with Scouts as a kid. I married an Eagle Scout and he has worked with the Scouts for the last several years. Last August I started working with Cub Scouts - there is a lot to learn! It is a great program and is an excellent tool to help teach boys to be the kind of men we need in this world.

I've been a den leader for about a month and that is even more fun than working with leaders. Cub Scouts is right up my alley, they have monthly themes! I get to plan a month's worth of activities around the theme. This month's theme is Happy Birthday BSA. It's been a little challenging planning fun activities for young boys that focus around history, but so far so good.


Emily said...

I love the BSA. I had three brothers and a Dad who were deeply involved in scouts. I grew up around it and then when we moved to Spanish Fork I was the wolf den leader for over 2 years. I had some fun times with those boys.

Vickie said...

My first memory of scouts is when my dad's troupe tied me to a tree. I had it coming... I followed them around incessantly, reciting "Green Eggs and Ham". They called me 'Sam I am'. My dad called to tell me a few months ago that one of those scouts in now in his stake's presidency in Mesa.
I love the scout program. I love what it teaches the young men. When my sisters and I were younger, dad told us that we had to marry guys who were Eagle Scouts. So far, the three of us who have married all married Eagle Scouts. I hope that my daughters will do the same!


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