Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finish 2007

I know I'm really behind, but I'm almost done scrapbooking 2007. My New Year's goal was to start scrapbooking 2009 before the year ended. My algebra class set me back a bit, but maybe I can make it. I have six layouts to finish up 2007. My goal is to finish them by the end of the month, I was thinking the end of the week - but I chose to be a little more realistic. With the twins getting baptized this Saturday, I might get distracted!

Let me know if you would like to join me in my goal to complete 6 layouts by the end of May.


Chasing Solitude said...

Glad to see you on the blog bandwagon! I hear you on the college algebra... currently looking at classes for the fall, and just looking through the list is giving me a headache :)

Brittany said...

Hooray, you are finally blogging!! I knew you would catch on soon, it just took a little longer than I expected! Glad that you are finishing up classes, how hard that has to be to raise a family and go to are amazing :). Check out They have great layouts too.
ps. This is Michelle, just signed in as Brittany!!!

Raejean said...

Glenn, I'll send you some Tylenol :)

I'm glad it's really you Michelle! I was thinking Brittany sounded way too mature! The school thing usually works ok if I only take one class at a time. Apparently I should have taken half a class of algebra, but that wasn't an option.

steffielu said...

Behind? I haven't put a single photo in an album since our wedding. AGGHHH!!! You're an inspiration Raejean.

Tilleea said...

I'm so impressed! I'd have to STOP taking pictures to ever catch up.

I'll take the challenge, but can I change it to cards instead of scrapbooking? Maybe by the end of June I can get some scrapbooking in!

Raejean said...

Cards work for me. A goal is a goal :)


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