Sunday, September 26, 2010

FHE: Self Mastery

Our lesson on self mastery came from a few quotes on the subject from The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball.  President Kimball states that we attain perfection through self mastery.  "Perfection is a long, hard journey with many pitfalls."  Since the journey is long and hard, our efforts must be continuous and diligent.  

He spoke of a false assumption some make, a person is the result of their environment and therefore unable to live up to the standards of the gospel.  President Kimball counters that mankind is not only able to transform themselves, but they must use their agency and rise above their challenges and temptations.  He gave Abraham as an example.  Abraham was raised in an idol worshiping family, but he is the prophet of a dispensation of worshipers.  Moses was born as a slave in poverty, raised in luxury and opportunity, and lived to be worthy to talk with God.  Paul transformed from Saul, one who persecuted followers of Jesus, to one of his loyal apostles.

While it is easy for me to think "I'm not strong enough" or whatever enough to overcome this challenge; I need to rely on the Lord for that strength.  I also need to remember that it's not going to happen overnight or in a week, the journey is long and hard.  It will take persistence and determination to reach that great reward.

We started home evening early and had almost an hour, so we played Phase 10; and still didn't finish the whole game!  Fortunately having fun and being together is more important than finishing the game.  Stopping while we had time to enjoy a bowl of ice cream for a treat was nice too!

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