Monday, September 20, 2010

Wood Badge: Feedback is a Gift

Last week, I wrote about Listening to Learn.  If listening is one side of a conversation, feedback is the other side.  At Wood Badge, I learned important points about giving feedback.
  • What are your motives for giving feedback?
  • Is the other person open to receiving feedback?
  • Deal only with behavior that can be changed.
  • Be specific - avoid generalities.
  • Describe - not evaluate- behavior.
  • Let them know he impact the behavior has on you.
  • Use "I" statements.
  • Ask them to rephrase what you said to make sure they understood what you are trying to say.
I love this quote about feedback!  "You can give caring feedback without a good technique, but he slickest technique in the world will not hide a lack of caring."

Thee are a few tips for receiving feedback too.
  • Seek out feedback.  It will help you.
  • Listen actively, rephrase what you heard.
  • Listen empathetically.  What is their purpose for offering feedback?
  • Notice how you are feeling.  Anger or defensiveness interferes with your ability to listen.
When feedback is given and received with caring and consideration, it is truly a gift. This week I will ask for feedback and listen more effectively.

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