Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mission Accomplished

After much time, work and some manual labor I've finally finished rearranging and reorganizing our books! If I stacked all the books and magazines we're letting go, the stack would be taller than me. In the process, I saw something I hadn't since moving, empty shelves. It is so nice to have dusted shelves with no stuffed animals or other small toys lurking on the shelves. I can even see all the books on the shelves now that there aren't other books stacked in front of them. I still have a few areas I can go through and find things no one will use anymore, but for the most part everything just fits. Next time, I'll have to break down and find another book shelf and somewhere to put it.


The Rocking Roberts said...

Can you come do mine next??? It looks great and isn't it wonderful to know that you have empty space somewhere in your house???

Raejean said...

I would do your bookshelves, but you'd probably go in behind me and rearrange it :) Unfortunately, the shelf isn't empty anymore. The picture was an in between state of the rearranging!


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