Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photography Club Field Trip

OK, it was a field trip around the neighborhood, but we thought we'd get out and see if we could put anything we have learned into use. We learned two things:

1. We need to learn more.
2. We need cooler cameras!

Nevertheless, we had a good time. Here's a couple of pictures we took on our field trip.


Natalie said...

Very cool! I want to hear more about your photography club!

Raejean said...

So far, one of my kiddos and I have been learning about types of photography. We're moving on to the nuts and bolts and planning some "field trips" to try out what we learn.

Glenn said...

Hi Rage, its cool to see you studying photography. I read everything I can and am trying some new things, I hope my pics get better. I work on the theory that if you take lots of pics some of them will be good even if by accident.

Raejean said...

Taking lots of pictures is good, that's what I love about the digital age! I also want to get into some of the more creative stuff that I need an SLR to do.


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