Thursday, August 12, 2010

Favorite RSS Feeds of the Day

I saw this really fun idea to feature my favorite RSS Feeds of the Day.  (I only wish I would have noted where I saw it.  Don't you hate it when you're sure you'll remember something, but then you don't?) Here's a few that caught my eye today:

What's your favorite post today?


monica. said...

It was the mother huddle, thanks for mentioning me that day I got a few hits!

Destri said...

Isn't that fun? I think it should be a new weekly segment on TMH.

Thanks so much for the mention, it makes my day every time.
And for sharing us on your sidebar, it really means a lot!

Off to browse your little spot!

Raejean said...

Monica, thanks for jogging my memory!

Destri, I definitely want to do that again!


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