Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Home Evening: Planning with a Purpose

This lesson came from our Bishop in a round about way.  He was teaching the youth in Bishop's Youth Council about planning their mid-week activities with a purpose.  One of my kiddos shared this thought of focusing on what we want to accomplish with our activities.  These can be specific activities pertaining to our callings, to our families, or to our personal goals. 

An example of planning in our callings was a Mutual activity was an obstacle coarse where the youth were blindfolded before the completed the coarse.  The purpose of the activity was to teach important gospel principles in a fun way.  Both objectives were met.  Another good example of planning with purpose is the recent Eight Cow Wife Relief Society meeting.

We focused on our family.  There had been a lot of arguing the last few weeks.  As a family we came up with a plan to reduce the arguing and tension in our home.  The solution we came up with is for family members to take turns leading a family activity - something fun, that doesn't require much planning or time.  We planned to play a family basketball game.  Unfortunately, I didn't follow through with reminding everyone, so the activity didn't happen.  On the up side, there was less arguing.  I'll have to try again to pull off the basketball game this week.

Our activity was a game of Jenga and our treat was my favorite Hershey's brownies.

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