Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cub Scouts: Waves of Fun - Foil Boats

Sadly, this was my last week as Wolf den leader.  Fortunately, I'm still in Cub Scouts and will see my boys at the monthly Pack meetings! 

The boys had a good time with the "Sock Wave" gathering activity.  At first, they were unsure about taking off their shoes and socks.  They put their socks on a flat sheet and all grabbed the edges like we did with the parachutes in grade school.  They "waved" the sheet up and down until their was only one sock remaining on the sheet.  They had fun seeing who's sock survived, then they had even more fun searching the room for the rest of the socks!

After our opening exercises, we talked about the food pyramid (Requirement 8a).  They were very good at naming foods from each category.  I felt bad stopping them so we'd have time for the fun stuff when they were having so much fun with the "business" stuff.

For the "fun" part, I gave each of them a 6 inch square of tin foil to build a boat anyway they pleased.  After they were done, we tested it's floating ability in  tub of water and placed pennies on it one at a time to see how many it could hold before it sank.  I brought enough foil to let them all try it again.  Once again they didn't want to stop the "fun" part to go on to the treat part.

This week they made their own treat.  My assistant found these giant marshmallows.  Each boy got a marshmallow, half a Twizzler peel-apart, a 2 mini chocolate chips.  After they peeled apart the licorice, they pushed in eight "legs" to the marshmallow to make it look like an octopus.  For the finishing touch, they pushed in chocolate chip eyes.  It was hard to get a picture of the completed octopi because they were eaten so quickly.  I think the one pictured already lost it's eyes.  

It was exactly the kind of den meeting that makes me sad to not work with these great boys every week!

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