Friday, August 6, 2010

An Eight Cow Wife; Relief Society Style

We recently had a very creative quarterly Relief Society Luau.  (Not that we have a luau quarterly, it was just the theme of our quarterly meeting.)  As we arrived, we were directed to our "flight" in the Relief Society room.  The flight attendant ran through the usual flight instructions and informed us that our flight would be 25 minutes and our in flight movie was "Johnny Lingo". While we enjoyed the classic movie, the flight attendant brought us refreshments - a cup of 7up and a bag of peanuts.

As we left our flight, we were adorned with a lei and directed down the gangplank to the awaiting Luau in the Cultural Hall.  One of the RS counselors explained that we were becoming eight cow wives that evening.  We had several stations to help us accomplish this worthy goal.

Cow #1 - Grazing, a cow's gotta eat, right?
Cow #2 - Cow tipping - date night ideas
Cow #3 - Mad Cow - we made a relaxing foot bath powder to take home
Cow #4 - Cash Cow - budgeting
Cow #5 - Holy Cow - Family Home Evening ideas
Cow #6 - Cow jumped over the moon - setting goals
Cow #7 - I forgot what it was called, but we were to visit with as many sisters as we could through out the night - thanks for the comment, it was called Chewing the Cud!
Cow #8 - Til the Cows come home - endure to the end (of the meeting)

I always enjoy going to Relief Society for the break from being a wife and mom, but this activity was especially fun!


Tyler and Ericka said...

Raejean! Glad you had a fun time, it was fun to see the awesome turn out! That one cow was chewing the cud by the way! : )

Raejean said...

Thanks for filling in the missing cow!


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