Friday, June 18, 2010

Gratitude - You Better Get Some

On the first day we set up camp, the girls dug a lovely latrine, and surrounded it with a tarp.  We had a seat and privacy - kind of like the comforts of home.  After a few hours, it was a very stinky "comfort".  By the bedtime, the smell was hard to bear.  The girls buried it and dug a new one the next morning in a different spot.  But this time the tarp didn't wrap all the way around the trees, so it was open on one side.  

After a day of canoeing, we were sitting in a circle around camp telling jokes when someone mention the latrine.  I told the girls they better hurry and get grateful.  Yesterday we lost flush toilets and today we lost our privacy, who knows what they will take away next!

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