Thursday, June 17, 2010

Value Hike

As part of our fourth year adventure, we had a night Value hike.  This was their Mountain Top experience.  We gathered the girls together in a dark clearing with a lantern, shared a thought with them, and then passed out a packet with a letter from their Bishops and their Ward Young Women leaders.  The girls pulled out their flashlights and read their letters.  When they were ready they walked to the first station on Faith.  

Earlier in the day, the other leaders were looking over their notes and talking about how much time they had put into their preparations.  I chose to focus my time in preparing for our morning scripture study and suddenly felt extremely anxious about the Value hike.  I looked over my topics and had a couple of impressions for each of them.  After jotting down a few words, I couldn't focus.  

We leaders stayed in the shadows with the first group of girls until we came to our spot.  Hearing the other leader's presentations made me feel a little more comfortable.  My station was second to the last. I was still nervous when I spoke to the first group, but I could feel the Spirit with me, prompting me to say what each group of girls needed to hear.  

I felt a lot of insecurity at camp, but I realized that I'm a different person then the rest of the leaders.  I have a different perspective on the youth and the challenges they face - and that's not good or bad, it's just different.  The leaders together, with all our differences, have the greatest chance of strengthening the girls collectively because of our different personalities.  

Once again, the learning is in the teaching!

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