Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Reading Program for Moms

Every summer I'm always jealous of the kids - there are several summer reading programs catering to them.  They get free books, food, toys and stickers!  (OK I'm not too tore up about the stickers.)  Don't these libraries and stores know that with out Mom chauffeuring them around, encouraging them to read, and reminding them to fill out the form they wouldn't have anyone participating in their programs?  Who spends more at the stores, the kids or the moms? 

One year our library had a program for moms.  It was set up like a bingo card, with different genres or formats (like magazines) in each square.  The prizes were coupons to the section where they sell used books.  I ended up getting the whole series of The Zion Chronicles for $3 after the coupons.  So, the library made some money and I felt loved because there was a program for me too.

I thought it would be fun to do my own Summer Reading Program for my friends, except I don't have a shelf full of extra books to give away, or the budget to pay for postage to mail them.  I could set up my own program and reward myself - but that seems a little selfish.  

What do you think?  Have you participated in a Summer Reading Program for moms?  Or do you have any ideas on how to put something together?


Emily said...

I think a moms summer reading program would be really fun. Don't have any ideas though. I started a book club a few months ago so that is always fun. Have you read the Hunger Games? I just got done reading the first two and loved them. What books do you recommend? I'm always looking for something good to read.

Raejean said...

We found one of the libraries around here is doing a drawing type program for moms. I'll have to play there!

A couple of my kids have read the Hunger Games, but I haven't gotten there yet. Right now, I'm reading the Percy Jackson series and I'm slowing reading the Zion Chronicles series. Percy Jackson's style is easy to read. The Zion Chronicles move a little slower, but still a good read and I'm learning some history too!


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