Friday, June 4, 2010


It's the start of a new month which means a new Cub Scout theme.  This month's is Hoop-de-doo or anything with hoops.  This week we started with the obvious - The basketball belt loop.  We started off with Achievement 1j; chest pass, bounce pass and overhand toss.  The boys stood in a circle and called out who they were throwing it to, as they threw it.  We spent a couple of minutes on each type of pass.

After going over the rules to basketball, the boys partnered up to work on specific skills like dribbling, shooting and rebounding.  Then we had a group on each basket for a game of PIG, to practice more shooting.  I'm so glad we were inside a nice air conditioned basketball court!

We finished our den meeting with a few thoughts on following the rules and team work; then we had a snicker doodle!

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