Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cub Scouts Skit

I know this month's theme is Hoop-de-doo, but our Den is assigned the skit for this month's Pack meeting - so we practiced that and made paper bag masks.  Our gathering activity was the leg tunnel relay, the boys broke into two teams, each team lining up with their legs apart.  The last person in the line, crawled between in the tunnel of legs.  This went on until the last person was last again.  A simple and silly game to get the boys moving.  

Next, we practiced our skit.  I made it easier on everyone and typed up a skit with the boys names instead of "piggy #1", especially since the skit has more piggies than we have boys.  The main event was making masks out of paper bags.  Many of the boys trimmed the bags so they would fit better and not trap their shoulders, a few of the boys made ears for their pig masks.  They also made curly pig tails out of pipe cleaners and wrapped them around a piece of yarn that they will tie around their waists at Pack meeting.

Just to stay a little bit with the theme, we had a hoop treat -- mini donuts!

I was fortunate to have one of the moms step in as my assistant, since mine was unavailable.  Apparently she now understands why I love working with the boys so much.  She sent me an email thanking me for letting her come help because she had so much fun!

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