Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Day

It was our last day of Australia week and our last day of summer school. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor for making our day special. She brought pizza and ice cream for lunch (doesn't that make any day special?).

For our official summer school part of the day, we learned some Australian words and phrases. To summarize our week: We learned about boomers (kangaroos) with our mates (buddies), mostly in the arvos (afternoons). It was a bonzer (excellent) week. Unfortunately, we have Buckley's chance (no chance) of actually going to Oz (Australia) any time soon. It will do no good to chuck a fit (get angry), so we'll just chuck in (give up) on the idea. Thanks for putting up with the earbash (nonstop talk). I'll be a dobber (informant) of our long journey to excellence.

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