Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stocking Up!

Our local grocery store had some good deals before our trip and even more after we got home. Here's what I've been stocking up on: Gatorade, spaghetti sauce, jelly, cheese, granola bars, cereal, paper products (plates & bowls), tissue, mouthwash, salad dressing, water, juice, and paper towels. The juice, water, and salad dressing were even free with coupons! I admit it's an odd assortment of food storage items and some of the items are only good for short term storage, but it helps to keep me shopping from my pantry.

A website I use regularly to help me find these great deals is Pinching your Pennies. Find your state's link and you'll be able to select your favorite grocery store to match the store's sales with the coupons available. If you stock up on the items you use while they are inexpensive, you will be able to build up your food storage and save money by shopping from your pantry too!

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