Thursday, July 2, 2009

Forth of July Week, Days Three and Four

We're still having fun with the Fourth of July! Yesterday we found a fun choose your own adventure type story online. Then we learned more about the Revolution. I didn't remember the war lasting so long. How sad that so many people had to die. I'm eternally grateful for those who sacrificed their lives, from the 1770's until now, so we could enjoy this great country. I'm grateful for those who are willing to put not only their lives on the line, but also leave their families to protect our freedom. I hope we will support their sacrifices by continuing to fight, in our own way, upon the freedoms this country was founded.

We finished off the day by making these fun "windsocks". They are made from cardboard tubes, construction paper and streamers. I found he idea on It's a Daisy Day blog. Here's how ours turned out.

Today, we learned about George Washington. He's a pretty impressive guy. We also did a word search and an acrostic. Here's how they turned out.

Our country
The president

Firework fun
Obeydens (aka Obedience)
Honoring our country

Our beautiful country
Red, white & blue
The constitution

I was impressed that the kids really thought about words that represented the independence of our country!

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